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Our Mission:
"Provide superior cleaning services based on environmental and ecological health principles & practices."

Natra Cleaning Professionals:

In our experience in Commercial and Domestic Cleaning we have tackled most situations.

Paul has previously worked in a Commercial Cleaning business in Brisbane - which included house washing and carpet cleaning.  

Paul is a fully "Certified Carpet Cleaning Technician" specialising in flood restoration.

Natra Cleaning meets the AS/NZ 3733-1995 standard, and technicians undergo training on new developments and techniques in the cleaning industry.

This is why Natra Cleaning can offer customer warranty on their work with their 7 day Satisfaction Guarantee. 

Natra Cleaning provides General and Carpet Cleaning services to both the domestic and commercial marketplace.

The StrandSites where we have have worked include:

  • New Homes
  • Night Club
  • Nursing Homes
  • Real Estate Rental Properties
  • Homes, Units and Townhouses
  • Boats, Cars and Caravans
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Shops and Offices
  • Function Rooms and Outside Entertainment areas
  • Fire Damaged sites

Payment for service:

Cash, Cheque, Direct Deposit
Account facilities are available to pre-approved customers

What to expect from Cleaning Professionals:
  • Professional cleaners schedule every job.
  • They dress in suitable work clothes that are comfortable and when necessary wear protective clothing suitable to the task.
  • Professionals have top quality equipment.
  • Professionals make every movement count. Imagine how many ovens  they come across .... let alone the windows. bathroom porcelain carpets and tiles. 


Huge shout out and massive thanks to Paul ... more >>>

You won't need to call us as often if you care for your floor coverings properly.

Fire Damage

Fire Damage


Hotel Motel Clean

The Pub or Club


Office CleanThe Office



Before and After


Carpet Specialist, Upholstery, Bedding, Blinds & House, Office, Motel, Hotel & Clubs.

Natra Cleaning - Enquiries: 6 Pocock Court, Vincent, Townsville Q.4814
Phone: 07 4728 8844 .. Fax: 07 4728 8616 ..
Mobile: Paul- 0418735760 : Corina 0417791251 .. Email:

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