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"General cleaning is a skill that has been handed down over centuries. Today we recognise that proper cleaning is essential to promote a healthy environment."

Cleaning Matresses


Cleaning Air-conditioners


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A clean environment not only lifts the spirit but minimizes health risks to those working in that enviroment whether it be in the workplace, home, or play settings.

At Natra Cleaning Services, our staff have been industry trained in the three categories:

  • General Cleaning,
  • Carpet Cleaning and
  • Health and Environment Cleaning

Our Expertise Includes:

  • Carpet Cleaning.
  • Furniture Clean.
  • Deodorising.
  • Vertical Blinds.
  • Venetian Blinds.
  • Internal Wall Wash.
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Water damage/carpets
  • Spot Removals.
  • Upholstery Clean.
  • Slim Line Blinds.
  • Windows. & Screens
  • External Wash
  • Entertainment areas

Cleaners today:
Because many people still perceive that just anyone can clean, those that see themselves as cleaning professionals are not always given their full due.   As with any occupation, there are good and bad operators.  The genuine professional cleaner aims and works towards offering services which offer the best possible, safest and healthiest solutions. 

Carpet and Upholstery related cleaning.
Growing awareness that skill and knowledge are required in carpet and upholstery cleaning have resulted in standards yet only 10% of all carpet cleaners seek formal qualifications. To be a member of the ACCI -  Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute technicians must undergo training where they must pass examinations prior to being issued with certification. 
Only qualified technicians meet the Australian & New Zealand standard AS/NZ 3733-1995.

General Cleaning.

Commercial cleaners generally have no formal training since there are no recognized standards at present in Australia, however quality professional cleaners seek information to keep abreast of innovation and embrace systems that not only get the job done cosmetically but in the safest manner possible. 

Natra Cleaning constantly seek out techniques and undertakes practices that cover all cleaning needs whether it be to clean an office, the home, a boat, car or even a caravan.



Cleaning Furniture


Cleaning Blinds


Cleaning Ovens


Cleaning Pavers

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Carpet Specialist, Upholstery, Bedding, Blinds & House, Office, Motel, Hotel & Clubs.

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